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Is Lornes Blanket for men only?


           Lornes Blanket is for men over the age of 18.

Is Lornes Blanket a rehab facility?


LORNES BLANKET is not a detox or a rehab facility. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted in the program participants. If a treatment program is necessary, it must be attended PRIOR to admittance.

If one is homeless and doesn't have a job, can he apply


Yes! Please contact us immediately or fill out our application online. You can also call 780-778-0952. Please leave us a message if we miss your call.

Are there rules at Lornes Blanket?


Yes, there are rules at Lornes Blanket.  There is also a program that is individualized for each participant.  Fill out an application and discuss the rules with the manager

Is there a cost to stay at Lornes Blanket?


     Yes, there is a monthly program fee but no one is ever turned away because they cannot afford it.  This fee pays for upkeep and maintenance of the facility, programming and accountability in money management skills.

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